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Artturi Ranta-aho II

December 05, 2018

Designed in December 2018. Modified in February 2020.

Pedalboard: Pedaltrain Classic 2 SC
Power supply: Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Mondo
Patch cables: Evidence Audio Monorail cable & Evidence Audio SIS plugs
ABY-boxes, True Bypass Loopers and MIDI: Boss ES-5, Lehle P-Split, 
Custom Boards Loop Router

Weight with case: 14,1 kg

Signal chain: 

Interface In --> Boss ES-5: 
Loop 1: Digitech Carcosa Fuzz
Loop 2: Electro-Harmonix Nano POG
Loop 3: Xotic BB Preamp
Loop 4: Analogman King Of Tone 
Loop 5: Keeley Katana Boost

--> Lehle P-Split: ISO out --> interface Dry Out --> offboard Lehle Dual SGoS
Lehle P-Split DIR out --> 
Strymon Volante --> Eventide H9
--> Interface Wet Out / FX Send / FX Return  

Interface MIDI TRS: Lehle Dual SGoS
Interface CTL: amp channel switching
Interface CTL IN: External switch for Boss ES-5
The client needed more control over sound changes, so we did a total rehaul of his old board. Delay and H9 are placed outside the bypass looper as they can be controlled via MIDI. Also a Lehle Dual SGoS is included in the system. It's placed on top of the amp and it's programmed to switch between the two inputs of a Fender amp via custom MIDI cable. 



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