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Custom Boards Loop Router

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Custom Boards Loop Router gives you the option to connect effects either to your amp's effects loop or in front of the amp. For example, you can switch the routing of echo effects according to the amp you have in use. This is a great device for you if you play both with amps that have effects loops and amps that have not.
  • Controls and features:
    Pre/Post Switch: In Pre position the effects connected to FX connections are positioned in front of your amp. In Post position the incoming signal with be routed into "Amp In" jack and the effects connected into FX connections are linked to your amplifier's effects loop.
  • Connections:
    In: Connect the incoming signal here
    FX in: Effect input for effects whose places you want to switch
    FX out: Effect output for effects whose places you want to switch
    Amp in: Signal going to your amplifier's input
    Loop S: Amp effects loop Send
    Loop R: Amp effects loop Return
  • Power Requirements: The device is passive, no power needed. The DC input is for LED which shows if the effects loop is engaged. 

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