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Pedaltrain Classic 2 SC




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Pedaltrain's framed board structure makes it easy to wire your pedalboard. Frame measurements: 61 cm x 32 cm.

  • Compatible power supplies: Please see our chart attached to this product.

  • The frame has an open structure in the front end, so you can place the power supply (or several, if needed) anywhere under the frame.
  • Frame:
    Dimensions: 61 cm (width) x 32 cm (depth) x 9 cm (height)
    Weight: 1.5 kg 
  • Case:
    Dimensions: 66 cm (width) x 39 cm (depth) x 13 cm (height)
    Weight: 2.4 kg
    Material: Cordura nylon.
  • Includes 244 cm of velcro and zip ties for attaching the pedals.
  • If you are looking for a right-sized board, please see our pedalboard Planning Grid.
  • See our pedalboard gallery for all installations using a Pedaltrain Classic 2

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