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Voodoo Lab Power Supply Cable Adapter Right-Angle (2.1 mm, center negative)

Voodoo Lab



30 kpl jäljellä

Featuring a 2.1mm barrel jack to a 2.1mm right-angle barrel plug, the PPAR Right-Angle Adapter is ideal for converting the straight barrels of PS1210 or PS1220 AC adapters to right angles when fitting Pedal Power X4 or X8 into tight spots. PPAR is especially useful for mounting X4 or X8 beneath flat Pedaltrain® boards like Nano and Metro.

  • Converts a 2.1mm straight barrel plug to a 2.1mm right-angle barrel plug
  • Premium-quality connectors for optimal performance with Pedal Power
  • Nickel-plated barrel plugs secure solid connections

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