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Voodoo Lab Power Supply Cable Adapter Output Splitter (2.1 mm, center negative, ground lifted)

Voodoo Lab



15 kpl jäljellä

Connect two pedals to one power supply output, without hum or noise. Voltage stays the same, but amperes are divided into two pedals according to their current draw. This cable enables you to get more out of your power supply.

  • Another end has its ground lifted, no hum or noise.
  • Big help for players with loads of pedals.
  • Divide one 100 mA output for two pedals (i.e. 70 mA + 30 mA).
  • Divides the current (Amperes), but keeps the voltage (volts) the same.
  • Length: 10 cm

Pedals have lots of variety in their current draw. Overdrives, compressors, and boosters usually draw only about 10 mA. From one 100 mA output, there is still 90 mA left of unused current! Take some time to plan your effects total current needs and combine power supply outputs accordingly. It is wise to leave some headroom for power supply instead of overloading it. Find the correct current need for your pedals with Google as follows:

  • "Effect name" Current Draw
  • "Effect name" Power Drawᅠᅠ
  • "Effects name" Current Consumption

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