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Mad Professor PCB Evolution Orange Underdrive

Mad Professor



The Mad Professor Evolution Orange Underdrive removes distortion from your sound, functioning in direct contrast to a traditional overdrive pedal. It enables you to clean up your distorted amplifier sound to your preference by manipulating the tone, a feat not achievable with your guitar's volume control alone. Its robust tone controls offer significant flexibility in altering your amplifier's sound. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with overdrive pedals and fuzzes.


  • Volume: Sets the output volume level.
  • Midrange: Adjusts the amount of mid frequencies. Given that most distortion resides in the midrange, the Evolution Orange Underdrive's wide mid control allows you to diminish distortion as you turn the knob counterclockwise.
  • Bass: Controls the quantity of low frequencies.
  • Treble: Regulates the quantity of high frequencies.
  • True Bypass

Power Requirements: Requires a 2.1mm 9-18V DC center-negative power supply or a 9V battery, with a consumption of 10 mA.

Tuoteryhmät: Efektit, Mad Professor

Kategoria: Overdrive

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