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PRF 7-78 Kontakt 220 ml




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Cleans up pots from amps, guitars, and effects. 

One of the most vulnerable elements in guitar gear is potentiometers. Their lifespan is not infinite and if a ”pot” is left without cleaning for long periods of time, it will accumulate dirt, which in the end will ruin its contact surfaces and will cause crackling and signal breakup.

The way to clean pots is to spray plenty of pure contact cleaner (PRF 6-68) inside the pot and then pour it out. After this, one squirt of lubricating contact spray (PRF 7-78) is sprayed inside the pot, after which the pot should be dialed 5-10 times in its extreme settings. This is repeated, if necessary. This is an extremely useful tool for someone who uses a wah pedal. Suitable for all standard potentiometers.

The spray contains a bit of oil which lubricates in addition to cleaning.

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