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Custom Boards Pedalboard Safety Carabiner Set

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At Custom Boards we use the Custom Boards Safety Carabiner Set we’ve developed to attach the instrument cable. Using our set will make sure your guitar cable stays safely in place under any circumstances. You don’t want the cable to be jerked out of your pedalboard, cutting your signal completely!

An additional advantage of securing your lead to the board is the prevention of loss. Your cable stays with your pedalboard, neatly coiled up on top of it during transport.

– Assess the direction and angle the strongest pull on your guitar cable will come from. Place the strain relief close to the first pedal’s input, in the direction of the pull.

– Thread the carabiner into a pair of 26 mm clips with the shackle’s open side facing up.

– Once you’ve found the best possible spot glue the clips onto the frame in such a way, that the clips’ openings face into the board, while the carabiner’s wider side is turned towards the musician.

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