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Kie Von Hertzen II

February 20, 2019

Pedalboard: Pedaltrain Metro 24 SC
Power supply: Cioks DC5 Link
Patch cables: Various Square Plug Patch Cables
Accessories: Cioks Grip Bracket
Weight: 5,7 kg

Signal chain: 

ProCo RAT (rehoused into new enclosure) --> Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive --> Walrus Audio Lillian --> Line 6 DL4 

Built as a backup pedalboard for the 2019 Kingston Wall tribute shows, we included only the most crucial elements Kie needed to have to finish a gig in case things go south with his main board. The small board is quick to setup in a hectic situation and it's easy to patch where ever it is needed on the signal chain. 

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