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Pedaltrain Metro 24 SC




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Pedaltrain Metro 24 is a part of Pedaltrain's new, three-rail pedalboard family. Small board that also fits bigger effect pedals. Measurements: 60 cm x 20 cm. Thanks to new, tighter rail spacing mini pedals attach better to the frame.

  • Cioks DC5 and Cioks Adam Link power supplies fit underneath the frame.
  • Because there is limited amount of space underneath the pedal and the frame is spacious, we recommend placing the power supply above the frame.
  • Frame:
    Measurements: 50 cm (width) x 20 cm (depth) x 3,5 cm (height)
    Weight: 0,95 kg 
  • Case:
    Measurements: 53 cm (width) x 21 cm (depth) x 15 cm (height)
    Weight: 1,6 kg
  • Includes 183 cm of velcro and zip ties for attaching the pedals.

When looking for a right-sized board, we advice you to check out the Pedalboard Planner.

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