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Juho-Antti Ahola

March 13, 2020

Pedalboard: Pedaltrain Classic 2 SC
Power supply: Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus
Power supply: Voodoo Lab Pedal Power X4
Patch cables: Evidence Audio Monorail & Evidence Audio SiS Plug
Weight: 26,2 kg

Signal chain: 

Custom input interface → Boss ES-8:
Loop 1: Zvex Fuzz Factory
Loop 2: Budda Bud Wah
Loop 3: BJFe Baby Blue Overdrive
Loop 4: BJFe Dyna Red Distortion
Loop 5: Strymon Mobius
Loop 6: Clinch FX EP-Pre
Loop 7: Strymon Timeline
Loop 8: Eventide H9
Volume Loop: Lehle Mono Volume 90
EXP 1 in: Custom input Interface

The client happened to be one of the first pedalboard customers of Custom Boards, actually long before the was even called that. The board was originally built in early 2010's, so it was time to update.

The most prominent change was the addition of Boss ES-8 bypass looper, for which a couple of old pedals had to go. To fill the sonic void left by those pedals, Eventide H9 was added as an all-rounder, multi-use effect. We also succeeded in fitting in a Lehle Mono Volume 90 to round up the effect line-up. 

The old Pedal Power 2 Plus was still going strong, but we added a Voodoo Lab X4 from the courtesy outlet of the old power supply to cater to the needs of power-hungry digital pedals. 





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