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Voodoo Lab Power Supply Cable Adapter Current Doubler (2.1 mm, center negative, green jack)

Voodoo Lab



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Even though the majority of pedals use 9 volts, their power draw changes considerably. Connect two separated power supply outputs and double the given current. The voltage will stay the same 9 V, but the ampere rate will double.

  • Two 100 mA outputs give you 200 mA.
  • Two 250 mA outputs give you 500 mA.
  • Enables usage of high current devices with regular power supply.
  • Standard 2.1 mm adapter, connect your pedals with standard cable.

  • Length: 10 cm
If your power supply does not give enough current (Amperes), the effect does not function as required. The power supply gets hot and malfunctions if used continuously. Pedals are not damaged. Find the correct current need for your pedals with Google as follows:

    •    'Effects name' Current Draw 

    •    'Effects name' Power Drawᅠᅠ
    •    'Effects name' Current Consumption

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