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Lehle 3@1 SGoS




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With Lehle 3@1 SGoS you can route three instruments to two outputs. Lehle 3@1 is a lifesaver in those moments when you have to change from one instrument to another during a show. You can adjust the output levels so that they are in balance with each other. Lehle 1@3 works with all kinds of instruments, regardless if there are piezo pickups, magnetic pickups, or line-level signals coming out of the instruments.

    A, B, and C: Input for different instruments. Volume levels of outputs A and B can be controlled via volume potentiometers. Only one signal is audible at one time. 3@1 works with both mono and stereo signals. If there are problems with the 3@1's power input, it automatically connects input A to output 1.
    1 and 2: Outputs. The input signal is routed to output 1 when the input footswitch is pressed for the first time. The input signal is routed to output 2 when the same foot switch is pressed the second time. The output which is not used will be muted for eliminating background noise.
    Midi connection (left corner): With the MIDI connection you can connect 3@1 with other Lehle SGoS series switchers and get the 3@1 to receive and transmit program change commands. See manual for more information on Midi.
    Footswitches: Three high-quality switches that are virtually indestructible (designed to withstand over one million presses). These switch the inputs on and off.
    • Power requirements: 8-20 V DC center negative. 97 mA.
    • True Bypass
    • Made in Germany


    Tuoteryhmät: Signaalin reititys, Lehle

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