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Evidence Audio Blackrock Patch Cable (1 m)

Evidence Audio



109 kpl jäljellä

Evidence Audio Blackrock Patch Cable is a smaller diameter installation cable, designed for when space is at a premium such as with pedalboards racks and studio installations. It is an high quality alternative with equal size and flexibility, but much better audio quality.

Blackrock can be considered a “mini-Reveal” or a “flexible” version of Monorail, both well known and popular Evicence Audio cables. Blackrock is the same size as Monorail, however it uses the flexible and stranded IGL-ECS conductor which is also uded in Evidence Reveal and Forte.

Much as the Reveal is a flexible version of Melody, and Forte is a flexible version of Lyric, Blackrock is an amazing sounding cable that has physical properties unlike anything I offer. It is a small, flexible cable that has the “Evidence Audio” sound which can be used with any soldered plugs.

There may be pedalboard and rig builders who want to solder their connectors with premium cable but are opposed to Monorail for being stiff or solid-core. Blackrock gives them an upgrade path for their customers to increase the value of a project in sound quality.

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