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Custom Boards Wah-kit

Custom Boards components


Custom Boards Wah-kit helps you to attach a wah pedal to a pedalboard

In many wah-wahs, the rubber feet are part of the bottom plate assembly. The rubber feet under a wah pedal must be removed before the pedal is attached to the pedalboard. However, removing the rubber feet leaves the screws slightly proud of the bottom plate, which makes the bottom plate a bit wobbly.

A solution for this problem is the Custom Boards Components Wah-Kit. The kit includes four right-sized metal washers, that, when placed between the screws and the bottom plate, prevent it from moving around.

If you have a perforated metal sheet at home, you can cut four little pieces out of it to do the same thing. In our opinion, hand-picked washers are a neater solution that certainly won’t make a scratch in the bottom plate of your pedal.

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