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Custom Boards Cable Sock (1 m, 20-30 mm)

YE International



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Cable sock for 3-5 cables for making cable looms. Protects the cables from trampling and wear during live shows. Sold by the meter. Choose the length you want and we will cut you the sock and treat the ends to prevent it from unraveling.

Relaying the signal from the pedalboard to the amp is easiest by running the needed cables in a single cable sock.

The thicker Van Damme cable and Neutrik plugs are an excellent choice for carrying guitar signal. These can easily be passed in the same 20-30mm cable sock.

Power for the pedalboards is often also bundled in the sock. There are many benefits from this. A ground loop can form between two power outlets, especially if the amplifier’s power and the downstage power have been run wide apart.


1) Measure the cables to be the right length. 2) Tape the ends of the cables together in one end. 3) Insert the cable bunch inside the sock. 4) Attach audio and power connectors. 5) Trim the length of the sock considering the height of the amplifier.

Rule of thumb:

For a six-meter cable snake, you’ll need five meters of cable sock and seven meters of ac power cable. Strain relief is done to both ends, the ends of the cable sock are dressed with black electricity tape and the power chord will still reach the ground behind the amplifier.


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