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Best-Tronics Neutrik "D" Series patch panel (4 port)

Best Tronics



10 kpl jäljellä

Four-port side-mountable Interface Patch Panel Kit, which allows you to have all the incoming and outcoming cables in one place underneath your pedalboard.

Measurements: width 11,2 cm/height 4 cm/ depth 2,8 cm

Compatibility for Pedaltrain boards with stock feet (no need for lifting the frame):

    -Nano- & Metro-series: Can mount on top of the board.
    -Classic Pro.
    -All Novo- and Terra-models.

    • 10 screws to mount connectors to the panel
    • 4 screws to connect the panel to the pedalboard
    • 4 rubber covers to protect the connectors and solder joints
    • 15 pcs 10 cm long cable ties
    • 10 cable tie anchors
    • Can be mounted to the side of a rack case

      Compatible with the following connectors:

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