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Best-Tronics Neutrik "D" Series patch panel (4 port)

Best Tronics



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Four-port side-mountable Interface Patch Panel Kit, which allows you to have all the incoming and outcoming cables in one place underneath your pedal board.

Compability for Pedaltrain boards with stock feet (no need for lifting the frame):

    -Nano- & Metro-series: Can mount on top of board.
    -Classic Pro.
    -All Novo- and Terra-models.

    • 10 screws to mount connectors to the panel
    • 4 screws to connect the panel to the pedal board
    • 4 rubber covers to protect the connectors and solder joints
    • 15 pcs 10 cm long cable ties
    • 10 cable tie anchors
    • Can be mounted to the side of a rack case

      Compatible with following connectors:

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