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SquarePlug SP400 Mono Plug & Van Damme Pedalboard Patch Cable Set (Black, Angled)

Analog Tools


Ultra low profile angled black 1/4’’ TS (mono) connectors with 3 meters of Van Damme Pedalboard Patch Cable
  • All-black ‘SquarePlugs blend perfectly into any set-up to the point of going completely unnoticed: they’re low profile in the literal and metaphorical sense.
  • Patented low–profile angled 1/4’’ connector (20% smaller than the classic pancake design) for the highest packing density. Lowest profile in the industry. Unlike the classic flat/pancake design, SquarePlugs can fit next to each other on most switching systems for dramatic space saving.
  • 8.3mm | depth x 17mm | width x 28mm | height 0.326’’ x 0.67’’ x 1.10’’
  • Unmatched strain relief and EMI protection. Design features a flat smooth cable channel that’s perfectly snug with the right sized cable providing equal pressure around the entire cable, and insuring proper shielding continuity.
  • Solder tabs for quick and easy soldering and desoldering. Mono plugs come fitted with 2 solder tabs (tip and sleeve).
  • Insulation sheet to prevent hot and ground wires from shorting.
  • Serviceable, all-metal construction.

The kit includes:

  • 10 pieces of SquarePlug SP400 Mono Plug (Angled, Black)
  • 3 meters of Van Damme Guitar Patch Cable

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