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Evidence Audio Siren II Speaker Cable - 2 m Straight-Straight

Evidence Audio


Evidence Audio The Siren is a speaker cable that has a completely different structure compared to other speaker cables on the market. A speaker cable needs much more copper mass to transport the amp’s signal to the speaker, compared to a guitar lead. This is why most speaker cables use large diameter conductors, which suck up the signal’s treble on their outsides. This is called the skin effect.

Evidence Audio The Siren uses six conductors for signal transfer, negating the skin effect and keeping your signal’s top end intact. The conductors are made from solid copper, not braided thin wires. The overall mass needed to transport a speaker signal is achieved through the combination of the conductors in this cable.

You can also use The Siren-cable to replace the original speaker cable in your combo amp, which usually uses inferior materials to keep costs down. Ask for our price of The Siren per metre.

All Evidence-cables come with our lifelong Custom Boards warrantee.

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