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Lehle Mono Volume 90



Lehle Mono Volume 90 is the first volume pedal in the world that keeps your basic tone completely unchanged. What makes Mono Volume 90 different from the rest is an ultra-precise magnetic sensor which makes the pedal practically maintenance-free.

Mono Volume 90 does not have a potentiometer but the sensor works together with a Blackmer Voltage Controlled Amplifier which makes the pedal very accurate. Your tone remains unchanged through the whole volume range.

    Treadle: Sets volume level. Heel down the sound is completely muted. Heel up is by default set to unity gain level if you don't want a volume boost.
    Gain: If you want, you can get a +10 dB boost out of the Mono Volume. At 7 o'clock the sound is at unity gain, at 5 o'clock you will get the maximum amount of boost.
    Min: Adjustment for minimum volume level the pedals give out in heel-down position. At 7 o'clock the sound is muted. At 5 o'clock the volume is -10 dB lower than in the maximum (heel-up) position.

    One input, two outputs. The treadle controls the Vol output's volume level. Dir output is always at unity gain. You can use it to drive the signal to your tuner or another amplifier.

    • Power requirements: 2.1 mm 9-15 V DC or 7-12 V AC. Polarity can be center negative or positive. 50 mA.
    • Made in Germany

    Tuoteryhmät: Efektit, Lehle, Signaalin reititys

    Kategoria: Volume/Expression

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