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High gain-pedals and -amplifiers always add a dose of unwanted hiss to your signal. Your guitar’s pickups can also be prone to electromagnetic interference or hum or even have a tendency to feedback. The worst-case scenario would be a guitar squealing uncontrollably, or a guitar sound where the noise and hiss are louder than the actual guitar signal itself. The correct tool is a noise suppressor, which detects which part of the signal is the actual guitar playing and which is unwanted noise.

We only carry noise suppressors with the most accurate tracking. Especially the newest ISP Decimator models work very efficiently and imperceptibly, which puts them lightyears from the annoyingly choppy noise gates from the 1980s. You can use noise suppressors in several different ways. Go and check out the different hook-up schematics included in the product info.

A highly advanced noise suppressor. The Decimator II is a new and improved version, offering innovative improvements in the field of noise suppression. Special care has been given to make sure long notes fade out naturally, without any stuttering. We recommend placing the Decimator II after your distortion pedals and in front of your delay and reverb units.

    Threshold: adjusts the noise gate's threshold. Set the initial threshold level by listening to your noise floor without playing your guitar. Turn the Threshold- knob CW, until all hiss and/or hum disappears. In some cases, a little fine-tuning of the threshold level is needed with the guitar's own volume control fully open.
    Link In and Link Out: you can link two Decimator-pedals by connecting their Link-jacks with a 1/8' TRS-cable. Using the Link-function you could, for example, have the Decimator connected to the amp's loop also track the guitar signal directly. Read the manual for detailed instructions.
    • Power requirements: 2.1 mm 9 V DC center negative power supply or 9 V battery. 35 mA.
    • Buffered bypass
    • Made in South Korea


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