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Van Damme Instrument Cable (1 m, unbalanced, black)

Van Damme Cables



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Low noise and high flexibility instrument cable on stage use. Highly Recommended. This is the cable we use daily basis in our custom guitar cables and cable snakes from pedalboard to amplifier.

Van Damme Pro Grade Classic XKE Instrument Cable is a relatively low capacitance unbalanced audio cable for use with guitars, keyboards and other unbalanced output devices. Its tight construction and dual screens of conductive thermoplastic and close lapped copper ensure noise free handling and excellent noise rejection making this cable ideal for on stage use.


  • As guitar cable from guitar to pedalboard or straight to amplifier
  • Cable Snakes from pedalboard to amplifier
  • Connecting two pedalboards together
  • Keyboard and sound module cables


  • Overall diameter (OD): 6.00 mm (± 0.15 mm)

NOTICE: the black skin between the ground and the core must be removed from the solderable end. It comes off easily with scissors or fingernails. The purpose of the skin is to reduce the capacitance of the cable, but it is not necessary inside a connector. Similar kind of skin is common among professional cables.

Compatible with following connectors: 

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