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Van Damme Balanced Install Cable (1 m, black)

Van Damme Cables



185 kpl jäljellä

A very narrow balanced cable for tight spots.

Van Damme Pro Grade Classic XKE 1 pair install cable is a foil screened twisted pair for installation and rack wiring. It can also be used to wire electric guitars and anywhere else, when space is the issue.

Tough, flexible and very easy to prepare as the foil screen is bonded to the outer jacket, this cable type is also useful for 'bodge leads', adaptor cables and multipin breakouts where individual tails need to be colour identified or are to be permanently installed.


  • Perfect choice for wiring effects or guitar electronics
  • Internal rack and patch panel wiring looms
  • Adaptor leads and multipin breakouts
Note! Foil screen bonded to the outer jacket for a one strip operation when preparing.


Compatible with following connectors:

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