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PRF Label Off 220 ml




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Removes all glue residue from the bottom of the pedals. 

Are you fed up with your pedals falling off your pedalboard and that your 3M Dual Lock or velcro does not stick properly to the bottom plates of your effects pedals? We offer a solution (pun intended) from the Finnish manufacturer PRF, whose product, Label Off, is an efficient lemon-scented sticker remover spray. The spray is suitable for removing all stickers, labels, glue residues, oil and grease stains, etc. from the bottom of an effect pedal.


1) Remove all rubber feet, rubber backings (Boss), and such padding from the bottom of the pedal.

2) Spray the Label Off on the bottom of the pedal.

3) Wait for 15-20 minutes.

4) Wipe the glue residue with a rough towel, terry cloth, or such.

Now you can attach a 3M Dual Lock or velcro in the bottom of the pedal with a lasting bond, which will hold your pedals to the pedalboard through frost and the strain caused by transporting the pedalboard.

To ensure the best hold we recommend using 3M Dual Lock pedalboard tape, which has been universally accepted as the standard among the leading pedalboard manufacturers in the world.

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