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Timo Kämäräinen II

May 05, 2019

Pedalboard: n/a
Power supply: Cioks Adam Link
Patch cables: Square Plug Patch Cables
Weight: 7,3 kg

Signal chain: 

XLR from main board --> DBX 223xs Crossover --> Mad Professor Forest Green Compressor --> Mad Professor Ruby Red Booster --> Foxrox Octron --> Mad Professor Sweet Honey Overdrive

We built Timo Kämäräinen a pedalboard a few years ago and since then it has seen a lot of use. When building the board initially, we also included a splitter to rout the signal to a secondary effects setup he uses with TOOT TOOT, a power duo formed by Timo and drummer Olli Krogerus. The splitted signal travels to a crossover filter, after which it is effected a bit, acting as a "bass channel" to add low end heft to the duo's sound. The signal sent to the secondary board can be controlled on the main board, so this secondary setup may be placed safely behind a bass amp.


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