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Mikko Virta II

June 07, 2016

Designed in June 2016, modified in September 2016, September 2017 and March 2019.
Pedalboard: Pedaltrain Classic 2 TC
Power supply: Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus
Power supply: Cioks Adam Link
Patch cables: Evidence Audio Monorail & Evidence Audio SIS plug
Accessories: Pedaltrain PB2 Pedal Riser, Pedaltrain Voodoo Lab Mounting Kit , Barefoot Buttons V1 - Gold with Custom Boards Logo, Barefoot Buttons V1 - Tall Boy - Red, Barefoot Buttons V1 - Green
Cable snake: One signal and AC Power

Weight with case: 19,6 kg 

Signal chain:

TC Electronic Polytune Mini --> Zvex Fuzzolo --> Black Arts Toneworks Destroyer --> Foxrox Octron --> Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander --> Earthquaker Devices Spatial Delivery --> Origin Effects Cali 76 --> Xotic EP Booster --> Source Audio Nemesis Delay --> Strymon BlueSky 

Dunlop DVP-4 Volume X Mini Expression as expression pedal for Source Audio Nemesis

Mikko's pedalboard has seen quite a few modifications and states during the four years of its existence, always mutating to meet his needs on different projects. After hopping on a drummer's seat for Vesta during Vesala's one-year hiatus, he's ready to hit the big stages once again with a guitar in his hand. 

The two Barefoot Buttons, one regular and one Tallboy, attached to the two settings on his fuzz help to reach the wanted setting without accidentally engaging the other. We also chose an orange button for the other setting to indicate the connection with the pot that it controls. A simple thing that really helps in the heat of the gig.


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