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Eetu Kauppinen

April 04, 2014

Designed in April 2014, modified in May 2015 and in February 2020
Pedalboard: Pedaltrain Classic 1 TC
Power supply: Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus
Patch cables: Evidence Audio Monorail & Evidence Audio SiS Plug
ABY-boxes, true bypass loopers and MIDI: --
Accessories: Pedaltrain PB2, Pedaltrain PB3, Pedaltrain Voodoo Lab Mounting Kit
Cable snake: 2 Signal & AC

Signal Chain:

Dunlop GCB-95 Cry-Baby --> Malekko Omicron Spring Reverb --> Foxrox Octron --> Black Arts Toneworks Pharaoh Supreme --> Line6 DL-4 Delay Modeler --> Source Audio Supercollider --> T-Rex Engineering Luxury Drive --> Boss TU-2 Chromatic Tuner



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