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Wampler Low Blow

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Low Blow is Wampler's first pedal designed especially for bass players. Two different gain settings, Overdrive and Distortion, 3-band active EQ and blend control for clean signal are features that allow you to find exactly the right sound for your needs. You can either stand out from the mix or blend in perfectly depending on which you prefer.

  • Controls:
    Level: Sets output volume level.
    Gain: Sets the amount of gain in cooperation with the Gain Structure switch.
    Gain Structure switch: Two-position switch which engages two different gain settings. Smooth setting is a mild overdrive and Jagged is a heavy distortion.
    Blend: Sets the mix between your dry signal and the distorted signal created by the Low Blow.
    Bass, Mids and Treble: Active three-band EQ for finding the right tone balance.
    Notch Filter: Two-position switch which allows you to control the low end boominess if you feel like it.
  • Power Requirements: 2,1mm 9V DC centre negative power supply or 9V battery. 35 mA.
  • Silent True Bypass
  • Made in USA

Tuoteryhmät: Efektit, SALE!, Wampler

Kategoria: Bassoefektit

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