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Wampler Faux Tape Echo V2

Wampler Pedals



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Wampler Faux Tape Echo V2 gives you a tape-like delay with tap tempo subdivisions (1/4, 1/8, dotted 1/8 and triplet) and adjustable modulation. In V2, the jacks are in front of the pedal and footswitches have been updated to a silent, more durable model. Dry signal stays 100% analog throughout the pedal.

  • Controls:
    Sets delay length. Starting from 7 o'clock you will first get a very short slapback-style delay. Delay time gets longer towards 5 o'clock. Maximum delay time is 800 milliseconds. Delay time can also be adjusted with the Tap Tempo footswitch. 
    Sets the subdivisions for the tap tempo.
    Delay Mix:
    Sets how up front the repeats are in the mix.
    Sets the amount of repeats. Goes from one repeat all the way to infinite oscillating repeats.
    Controls the tone of the repeats. At around 7 o'clock you will get darker repeats which still have good clarity. Towards 5 o'clock the high frequencies are more pronounced.
    Sets modulation speed, faster speeds towards 5 o'clock.
    Sets modulation depth. Deeper modulations towards 5 o'clock.
  • Power Requirements: 2.1mm 9V DC centre negative power supply or 9V battery. 40 mA.
  • True Bypass
  • Made in USA

Tuoteryhmät: Efektit, Wampler

Kategoria: Delay ja Echo

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