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Walrus Audio Descent Reverb / Octave Machine

Walrus Audio



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Walrus Audio Descent gives you ambient-style reverb sounds with great deal of control. Three different reverb types (Hall, Reverse, Shimmer) with an ability to mix in octave up and down harmonies.

  • Controls and features:
    Mode Switch: Chooses the reverb mode. Options are Hall, Reverse and Shimmer. Hall gives you a room or hall reverb, Reverse turns your signal the other way around and Shimmer focuses on octave harmonies. The following controls may control different things in different modes.
    Dry Mix:  Sets how up front the dry signal without reverb is.
    Reverb Time: In Hall and Shimmer modes sets reverb length (longer trails towards 5 o'clock) In Shimmer mode works as a control for predelay time.
    Diminish: In Hall mode controls reverb diffusions. In Reverse mode sets reverb length. In Shimmer mode sets the amount of reverb repeats fed into the octave circuit.
    Tweak: In Hall and Reverse modes controls the tone of the reverberated signal. In Shimmer mode controls reverb diffusions.
    Wet Mix: Sets the mix between the dry signal and the reverberated signal. 50/50 mix is at 12 o'clock.
    Dry Signal:  Sets how much dry signal is sent to the upper level controls. If this setting is at 7 o'clock, only the octave harmonies are fed forward.
    -1 ja +1: These controls set the volume for octave harmonies. The octaves in Descent are polyphonic so they also work with chords.
    Memory slots: Descent has three memory slots for your favorite sounds. Activating them is done via the left footswitch.
    Stereo in and out: Descentissä has stereo outputs. It can also receive a stereo signal via a TRS splitter cable if you set the dip switches inside the pedal as indicated in the manual. If you use the pedal in mono, use the Left Output.
    Expression capabilities: You can control different parametres (one or several at the same time) with an expression pedal.
  • Power requirements: 2.1 mm 9 V DC centre negative. 140 mA.
  • True Bypass or Buffered Bypass (user selectable)
  • Made in USA

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