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Voodoo Lab Power Supply Cable Line 6 HX Stomp (2.5 mm, center negative)

Voodoo Lab



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The Voodoo Lab PPHX HX Current Doubler Cable is an adapter cable that doubles the current of two power supply outputs to power an HX Effects or HX Stomp. For this purpose, the cable is connected to two outputs of the power supply, while the blue 2.5 mm hollow plug is intended for the effects unit.

The Voodoo Lab PPHX HX Current Doubler Cable:

  • Doubles the current of two outputs
  • Designed for use with HX Effects and HX Stomp
  • Two black 2.1 mm hollow plugs for connection to the power supply unit
  • One blue 2.5 mm hollow plug for connection to the effects unit
  • Negative inner conductor (center negative)
  • Length approx. 46 cm (18")
  • Recommended for use with Voodoo Lab Pedal Power X8, Digital, 4X4, MONDO or Pedal Power 3 Series.

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