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Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Digital Power Supply (B-stock)

Voodoo Lab



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This power supply has been warranty repaired. Some signs of wear. All cables except the mains cable included.

Powers up to 4 digital power-hungry effects. An excellent choice for boards with few pedals with high power demand. Isolated outputs and toroidal transformers guarantee silent and hum-free action in any situation.

  • 4 isolated 400mA DC outputs, two switchable to 12VDC.
  • Powers Strymon, Eventide, Line 6 (excluding M9/M13), Boss Twin, TC Electronic Nova etc.
  • Operates at 220-240 V input voltage.
  • Designed and made in USA
  • 5 year warranty

Tuoteryhmät: Virtalähteet, Voodoo Lab

Kategoria: B-stock, Voodoo Lab

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