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Van Damme Silver Series 125 pF Hi-Cap Instrument Cable (3 m, Switchcraft Straight-Straight)

Van Damme Cables



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This particular Hi-Cap Silver Series cable comes terminated with Switchcraft 280 straight ¼" jacks on both ends, and is 3 meters in length.

Hand-crafted by Van Damme in England, this cable ranks among the very finest in the world. Long-time user Abbey Road Studios says "Van Damme has consistently delivered a quality cable solution to the Studios for over 20 years."

Legendary guitar player Jeff Beck employed a full set of Van Damme Silver Series Session Grade Hi-Cap guitar cables on his recent tour. Supplied by London production company Sensible Music, they were used for the first time at his Royal Albert Hall show. A man of few words, when asked if he liked the cables, he said:

“If I didn’t like them I wouldn’t be f…..g using them would I?”

Silver Series cables employ an ultra low capacitance design ideal for use in critical audio applications. Because silver is a better conductor of electricity than copper, this cable contains ultra-pure silver plated oxygen-free copper elements. This countercacts conductor saturation, resulting in vast, unimpeded high frequencies and fuller, more detailed low frequencies versus copper-only cable designs.

Silver Series is available in three different capacitances, all hand-made and perfectly tailored for your setup. Which one is right for you?:

Lo-Cap 55p/F per meter - Provides a gentle high frequency roll off, ideal for humbucking pickups.

Flat-Cap 90p/F per meter - Provides average high frequency roll off, for use with bass guitar and keyboards.

Hi-Cap 125 p/F per meter - Provides a steeper high frequency roll off, ideal for single-coil pickups.

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