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Temple Audio Mini Module - Stereo Amplifier (AMP MOD)

Temple Audio


The AMP MOD is a super-compact 100W stereo amplifier. It is designed to mount directly into the Modlar Endpanel of your Templeboard. This makes for an ultra-compact setup because your amp is already in the side of your pedalboard and you only need to bring a cabinet (or two).

The amp modelling in the AMP MOD is engineered to play incredibly well with pedals. The sound of the amp simulation is specifically designed for clarity and to let the unique sound of your pedalboard shine through while providing the frequency response and feel of a classic amp. The amp simulator can be bypassed, delivering an extremely linear frequency response for use with guitar modeling systems or bass.

It also has a 3.5mm headphone output for when you want to practice silently at home or give yourself a personal monitor. The built in cabinet simulator IR is based on a stereo mic'd 2x12 and makes for a realistic and wide sound. The cabinet simulator can also be sent to the speaker output for playing guitar through full-range speakers.

- 100W stereo RMS output (two 50W channels)
- 56 bit DSP amp modelling
- 3 band EQ and volume control at your fingertips.
- High power 1.5W headphone with stereo speaker cabinet simulation
- Speaker outputs can be muted if you’re only using headphones
- L+R sum for running stereo rigs into 1 cabinet
- Power limiters (2W, 6W, or 20W) for use with various power supplies (PP2+ 9v 250mA/Cioks 9v 660mA/ACmod 24V 1A)
- 4 - 16 ohm outputss.

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