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T-Rex ToneTrunk 70 Pedalboard Soft Bag

T-Rex Engineering



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T-Rex Tonetrunk 70 is an easily transportable pedalboard with a soft carry rase. The case has two pockets for additional items and a shoulder strap. Pedalboard itself is made of lightweight and durable aluminum. Measurements 70 cm x 31.6 cm. Voodoo Lab, T-Rex and Cioks power supplies fit underneath the board.

  • Dimensions (W x D): 70 cm x 31.6 cm
  • Tonetrunk soft case
    Durable, padded, lightweight case
    Removable shoulder strap
    Two pockets for extra items
    Padded carrying handle
    Weight 1.1 kg
  • Tonetrunk pedalboard
    Lightweight and durable aluminum construction
    Pre-drilled holes for brackets (sold separately), patch cable routing and power supply cables.
    Durable rubber feet on the bottom that keep the board in place
    Velcro, cutting tool and an Allen key included
    Weight 2.40 kg
  • If you are looking for a right-sized board, please see our pedalboard Planning Grid.

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