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Strymon Zuma R300 multi power supply




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The R300 is a miniature version of the original Zuma product, featuring five high current, 500 milliamp 9v DC outputs; four are fixed 9v outputs, one is a 9v/12v/18v selectable output. (500mA of available current at 9V, 375mA at 12V, and 250mA at 18V.)

The R300 has a built-in switching power supply; there is no external adaptor/power block. Worldwide power compatibility ensures no-hassle international touring.

The R300 is ultra-slimline (184mm x 88mm x 30mm), so will even fit neatly under most nano pedalboards.
The R300 has built-in threaded hardware, so mounting to your pedalboard is simple.       
As with other Strymon multi power supplies, the R300 is 100% built in the USA, and each channel has an individual custom transformer to deliver clean, consistent power. Two-stage isolation completely eliminates ground loop and AC line noise issues. The unit can be used standalone, or as part of an expanded system with other Ojais or Zumas.

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