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Strymon Flint Tremolo & Reverb




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Strymon Flint gives you three different tremolo and reverb sounds that take you on a journey across decades, from the 1950s to this day.

• Intensity (tremolo): Sets the depth of the tremolo effect. At 7 o'clock no tremolo, at 5 o'clock the sound cuts out completely at silent parts.

• Speed (tremolo): Sets the speed of the tremolo effect, gets faster towards 5 o'clock.
Tremolo switch: 3-position switch to choose your preferred tremolo type. '61

• Harm: harmonic tremolo in the vein of old Fender vibratos. Not just a tremolo, there is also some modulation in the sound. '63 Tube: Soft tube tremolo. '65 Photo: photocell tremolo which is more modern-sounding.

• Mix (reverb): Sets the relationship between dry and reverberated signal, goes from 100% dry to 100% wet.

• Color (reverb): Controls the tone of reverb. Gets brighter towards 5 o'clock. Important control helps you to fine-tune the reverb sound fitting to your amp.

• Decay (reverb): Sets the length of the reverb. 1970s and 1980s reverbs are almost infinite at 5 o'clock.

• Reverb switch: 3-position switch to choose your preferred reverb type. 60's: traditional spring reverb. 70's electronic plate reverb. 80's: rack reverb.
Hidden controls (activated by pressing both bypass switches down):
Tremolo Boost/Cut (under Intensity control): Sets volume of tremolo, +/- 3db
Reverb Boost/Cut (under Mix control): Sets the volume of reverb, +/-3 dB
Tap Subdivision (for Tremolo, under Speed control): Sets the subdivisions of tap tempo, when you use an external tap tempo switch.
Effect order (under Decay control): Changes the order of effects in the signal chain.

• Inputs and outputs: Stereo in (TRS) and stereo out. Exp input can be used to connect an expression pedal, tap tempo switch, or a Strymon Tap Favorite switch to the pedal.

• Power requirements: 2,1mm 9V DC center negative, 250 mA. Power supply included.

• True Bypass or buffered bypass, user-selectable. Inᅠ buffered mode the trails of reverb persist.

• Made in the USA

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