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Mad Professor Simble Overdrive

Mad Professor



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Simble Overdrive gives you the sound of Dumble amplifier in a pedal. Lassi Ukkonen, the designer of the pedal has investigated an original Dumble amplifier when designing this pedal and has been able to capture the magic in this little box. Simble does not alter your basic tone, it just adds a singing overdrive to it. Thanks to Simble's variable controls every player can find their own sound from it.

  • Controls:
    Sensitivity: Controls the amount of distortion and compression. Sensitivity goes from totally clean Tweed sound to higher gain. In 12 o'clock there are Blackface-type overdrive sounds and toward 5 o'clock the sound goes almost to Big Muff territory. Regardless of the amount of gain Simble cleans up excellently with guitar's volume control.
    Level: Controls output volume level.
    Accent: Adjusts pick attack and brightness. Accent control affects the signal before it is distorted. You can define which areas of the tone you want to emphasize and distort. At 7 o'clock the control does not affect tone at all. This is a similar setting that can be achieved with Dumble's Jazz switch. Towards 5 o'clock Accent control works like Dumble's Rock/Mid Boost switch. What separates Simble's Accent control from Dumble's switches is the fact that Simble's control is variable. There are limitless different settings you can experiment with so each player can find their own unique sounds behind it.
    Contour: Adjusts the amount of high end. Comes after distortion in the pedal's internal signal chain. Balances the harmonic overtones.
  • Power requirements: 2.1 mm 9-12 V DC power supply or 9 V battery. 10 mA. Using 12V power supply does not improve tone, it only makes the LED brighter.
  • Silent True Bypass

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