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The Mastermind PBC is a true-bypass, programmable switcher. It is very versatile, modifiable, and with the editor even easy to use; a true loop switcher heavyweight. We think it is in its own league in versatility compared to other loop switchers. It also offers multiple options to control it externally.

This pro-quality switching system features 10 audio loops, four of which are stereo capable and series/parallel switchable. Flexible outputs let you configure them as either a stereo pair or as A/B outputs for switching between two amps.

It also has four function switches for controlling amp channels and a built-in tuner. The Mastermind PBC is also a highly capable MIDI controller that's able to control 16 MIDI devices at once.

Easy to use and powerful, there is also a free Mac/PC Editor that can manage your button layouts, presets, songs, setlists, and much more.

  • 10 loops, four of which in stereo.
  • Stereo out, ISO and phase.
  • 768 presets + global preset.
  • 10 actions per preset (MIDI, loop switching, etc.).
  • The four last loops have parallel loop functionality.
  • Instant Access to loop switching, function switching, and buffers.
  • On-board tuner.
  • Comprehensive programming capabilities to switches and everything else with the editor.
  • USB and memory stick connectors for editing and backups.
  • Lock State/Default State functionality that allows you to override a preset for instance by one loop without it actually being saved in the preset. (An example of this would be a situation, where an amplifier needs the help of a booster to overdrive nicely. → The Default State of the booster loop can be set as ”On”. After the gig, the settings can be easily reversed to the original. This works either per preset or globally.)
  • 2 TRS-jacks to control amplifiers.
  • 1 exp in jack, 1 TRS control in jack.
  • Great editor/library software for PC and Mac, with easy control over presets.
  • Power requirements: 2.1 mm 9-12 V DC center negative. 400 mA. The power supply is not included. 
  • Made in the USA.

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