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Pro Pocket Spike Stack Fluorescent Tape

Pro Gaff


The Pro Pocket Spike Tape Stack Fluorescent is perfect for highly visible markings and labelings at events. The 5 vibrant colors glow under exposure to UV light. The tape is 12 mm wide and 5.5 m long, it can be removed residue-free for about 3 weeks and provides very high adhesive strength. Printable with: flexo inks, markers, pens, and pencils.

You can mark some critical jacks in your signal chain with Pro Pocket Spike Stack Fluorescent Tape, which you can also use to mark your settings.

Color coding cable snake cables

  • Mark a plug with one color, then search for the other end of the same cable, measure it, and mark it with the same color. Repeat this process with all the other cables in the loom, using different colors. You can also use a marker pen to write on the pieces of tape.

Make sure you use the same colors for the opposite ends of one cable. There are five different Pro Gaff colors available, but you can also use combinations of two or three tapes for additional options.

We use the following abbreviations:

    GTR – guitar cable
AMP – amp cable going to the amp’s input 

    FS – footswitch for channel switching etc.

    IP – input; the board’s input
OP – output; the board’s output
S – send; FX loop send
R – return; FX loop return 

    SPK – speaker cable

    WRL – wireless; cable or coming from the wireless system

    You can also come up with similar abbreviations that work for your requirements. You can also draw arrows to mark the signal flow of critical cables. The most important thing to remember is that you use the same colors and abbreviations on both ends of the same cable and that you keep your markings logical and legible.

    Marking your settings is important, especially if you’re forced to go on in a hurry or on a dark stage. You only have to take a few looks to be sure your pedalboard’s effects are adjusted correctly.

    Weighing your pedalboard – packed inside its case – on suitable scales will give you an exact figure for flying to gigs. You can use the same fluorescent Pro Gaff tape to mark the weight clearly on the side of your case (or gig bag).

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