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Pedaltrain Spark ISO 1300




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Spark is an ultra thin 5 output power supply designed to fit and move between all Pedaltrain models in seconds.

  • Mount to, and move between, any Pedaltrain in 60 seconds
  • Mount over velcro or dual lock - no additional tools, drilling, or adhesives required
  • Designed to fit all Pedaltrain models from Nano to Terra
  • Power up to 13 pedals out of the box with generous assortment of DC power cables
  • Power high draw digital pedals like M9, H9, and Strymon
  • More powerful than many big bricks with 5 isolated outputs totaling 1300 mA of power - enough spark to power a big rig
  • Pro quality with custom transformer, worldwide switching, output voltage regulation, short circuit protection, pro shielding, and low inductance noise
  • Dimensions:
14.6 cm x 8.57 cm x 3 cm
Power Specs:

  • 5 isolated outputs: (2) 500mA outputs, 3) 100 mA outputs, 1300 mA total output
  • Short circuit protection on all outputs
  • Output voltage regulation and filtering
  • Switchable for worldwide use (worldwide AC cables not included)
  • Internal fuse for surge protection
  • Professional magnetic shielding
Assortment of 22GA Shielded DC Pedal Power Cables included:   

  • (2) 2.1mm 5 Position Daisy Chain (10” between each tap)
  • (3) 2.1mm Right Angle to Right Angle 18 in
  • (1) 3.5 mm Mini Plug to Right Angle 18 in
  • (2) 2.1mm Right Angle to Right Angle 30 in
  • (2) 2.1mm Right Angle to Right Angle 30 in
  • (2) 2.5 mm Right Angle to Right Angle 18 in
  •  (2) patent applied for quick mount compression brackets and screws
  • (1) IEC AC power cable
  •  (1) small hex wrench
  • User Manual


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