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MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay M169



The Carbon Copy Analog Delay delivers rich, warm bucket-brigade delay with up to 600ms of delay time and modulation.

Go from crisp "bathroom" slap echoes to epic, Gilmouresque delays with the MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay. Featuring 600ms of delay time with optional modulation, and a three-knob layout that controls Delay, Mix, and Regen. In addition, there are two internal trim pots that offer user-adjustable width and rate control of the modulation for even more tonal options. All done by a completely analog audio path for authentic rich, warm analog delay—made possible only by old-school analog bucket brigade technology. True bypass.

  • Controls:
    Mix: Sets the relationship between dry and effect signal. At 7 o'clock the sound is 100% dry, at 5 o'clock 100% wet, meaning that only the repeats are audible.
    Regen: Sets the number of repeats. At 7 o'clock there is one repeat. The number of repeats goes up towards 5 o'clock all the way to infinite oscillating repeats.
    Delay: Sets delay length. At 7 o'clock delay length is 20 ms, at 5 o'clock it is 600 ms.
    Mod Switch: Pressing down the Mod switch adds modulation to the repeats. Modulation depth and speed can be controlled with trimpots found inside the pedal.
  • Power requirements: 2,1mm 9V DC center-negative power supply or 9V battery. 26 mA.
  • True Bypass
  • Made in the USA

Tuoteryhmät: Dunlop/MXR, Efektit, Tuotteet

Kategoria: Delay ja Echo

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