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Mad Professor Super Black

Mad Professor



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Fender Blackface amps (1963-1968) are widely considered the most recorded amps in the history of music. And for a good reason.

Mad Professor Super Black has the Fender Blackface tone in the box! The whole amp signal path is replicated inside. You can turn your amplifier easily into 60 ́s Fender glory! Don’t be afraid to plug the Super Black pedal also straight into the return jack of your amp ́s FX loop. This way you can bypass the preamp of your amp and get the sound of a full Blackface amp signal path without the color of your amp's preamp.

Super Black amp-in-a-box pedal will deliver the punchy, mid-scooped, and sparkling clean tone that Fender Blackface amplifiers are known and famous for. And this might be the most sought-after Fender sound!

Super Black will also deliver the most beautiful and amp-like breakup tone you could imagine. Gain and Volume controls are making sure you will achieve the sweet spot and nail this iconic tone at any volume, still retaining full clarity. So Super Black makes it easy to get the ultimate break-up tone also with your big high headroom amp or with a big Fender amp too that is too loud when you crank it up till 6 where it is finally giving the goods.

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