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Lehle Parallel L




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Lehle Parallel L is a bypass looper with mixer. You can mix the desired amount of effect's sound to your signal. Parallel L can be connected to any point in the signal chain before the amp or in the amp's effects loop. Also works with keyboards.

    S: Defines the amount of signal sent to loop's Send. Unity gain is at 12 o'clock. Range +/- 15 db.
    Defines the amount of signal in the loop's Return. Unity gain is at 12 o'clock. Range +/- 15 db.
    Mix: Defines the relationship between the dry signal and loop's signal. Goes from 100% dry to 100% wet mix. At 12 o'clock the mix is 50/50.
    U/B switch: Chooses between balanced and unbalanced signal sent to loop's Send. For effect pedals it is recommended to use unbalanced (U) state.
    Phase reverse switch: If the sound gets thinner when you mix loop's signal into your sound, there is probably some phase cancellation going on. You can reverse the phase by pressin this switch.
    • Power requirements: 2,1mm 9-20V DC or AC power supply, polarity does not matter. Also works with a 9V battery. 80 mA.
    • True Bypass
    • Made in Germany


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