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Lehle 1@3 SGoS



Lehle 1@3 SGoS is a programmable true bypass switcher with three outputs. Switch between three different amplifiers and different combinations of them. One of 1@3's outputs can also be used as an effects loop.

    Arrow down (right corner): Instrument input.
    A, B, and C: Outputs. If the power for 1@3 is compromised, the signal is automatically routed to output A. You can use the outputs for connecting amplifiers to 1@3. You can also use output C as an effects loop sends for output B.
    ⏚ : When this switch is pressed down, the grounds of outputs A, B, and C are connected to each other. This is useful if you use the outputs to switch between different channels of one amplifier. Press switch to up position if the outputs are connected to different amplifiers and they start to produce ground hum. If you use three amps, outputs B and C require an isolation transformer for eliminating ground loop hum.
    C->B: If you use output C as an effects loop send, the C->B input works as an effects loop return. You can connect the effects that affect your basic sound to the loop so that they don't interfere with your sound when they are not needed.
    Midi connection (left corner): With the MIDI connection you can connect 1@3 with other Lehle SGoS series switchers and get the 1@3 to receive and transmit program change commands. See manual for more information on Midi.
    Footswitches: Three high-quality switches that are virtually indestructible (designed to withstand over one million presses). These switch the amplifiers on and off in the basic mode. The left switch controls output A, the center controls output B, and the right switch controls output C. In programming mode, the switches switch on the combination of outputs designed to them. See manual for more information on programming modes.

    • Power requirements: 8-20 V DC center negative. 97 mA.
    • True Bypass
    • Made in Germany


    Tuoteryhmät: Signaalin reititys, Lehle

    Kategoria: ABY-boksit

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