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Keeley Mod Workstation

Keeley Electronics



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Keeley Mod Workstation gives you eight different modulation effects and two overdrive sounds in one compact package. Modulation sounds are pulled from Keeley's individual modulation pedals, and the overdrives are based on 1962 and Oxblood, the most popular Keeley OD's. 
    Controls and features:
    FX Select: Chooses the modulation sound. The options are:
    1 Tremolo: Traditional volume tremolo. Tone control shapes the waveform. Goes from steady triangle to squave wave.
    2 Harmonic Tremolo: Brown Face-era Fender tremolo sound. Your guitar signal is split into bass and treble and both are modulated with their own LFO. Tone controls high pass and low pass filters.
    3 Oscillating and Random Filter: Tone control sets LFO oscillating envelope filter. Sounds like a combination of auto wah and vibe. If you turn the Tone over 12 o'clock, the effect changes into random sample and hold effect.
    4 Phaser: Four-stage phaser, Tone sets the amount of feedback.
    5 ADT: Keeley's Automatic Double Tracking effect which gives you a true chorus sound. Depth controls delay time between 0-60 ms. Rate controls pitch between 060 cents. Tone control acts as a blend. More chorus towards 5 o'clock.
    6 Analog Chorus/Vibrato: Tone acts as a blend control. Towards 7 o'clock you will get a pitch vibrato, towards 5 o'clock you will find chorus sounds.
    7 Flanger: Tone sets the flanger feedback and thus affects the intensity of the effect.
    8 Leslie Rotary Speaker: Tone sets the balance between Leslie cabinet horn and rotating drum.
    Drive section gives you the overdrive sounds of Keeley Oxblood. Oxblood gies from clean'ish overdrive to distortion and all the way to fuzz sounds.
    Drive/Boost section gives you either the Keeley Katana clean boost sound or the overdrive sound of Keeley 1962. The inspiration behind the 1962 has been the Marshall Bluesbreaker amp.
    • Power requirements: 2.1 mm 9 V DC centre negative. Under 100 mA.
    • True Bypass
    • Made in USA
    • Measurements: 12 cm (width) x 9,5 cm (depth)

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