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Keeley Memphis Sun Echo & Reverb

Keeley Electronics



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Keeley Memphis Sun gives you a selection of 1950's lo-fi studio effects in a pedal form. Included effects are small room reverb, slapback delay and automatic double tracking.
    Mode: Three-position switch in the middle of the pedal which chooses the effect type in use.
    Echo 600 mode gives you a lo-fi delay and room reverb. Delay time 30-666 ms.
    Sun Mode gives you double tracking (with 0-30 ms delay) and a slapback delay with a maximum 180 ms delay.
    Room mode gives you a small room reverb with predelay and variable filtering.
    Time: In Echo 600 and Sun modes Time controls delay length. In Room mode Time controls predelay for the reverb.
    Reverb: Sets reverb decay in all modes.
    Mix: Sets the mix between the dry and the effected signals.
    Regen/Mod: In Echo 600 mode this setting controls the amount of delay repeats. In Sun mode this setting controls modulation speed and depth, with faster and deep modulation towards 5 o'clock. In Room mode this setting controls the tone of the reverb. +/- 10 db boost or cut at 1.1 kHz.
    • Power requirements: 2.1 mm 9 V DC centre negative. 65 mA.
    • True Bypass
    • Made in USA

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