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Keeley Katana Mini Booster

Keeley Electronics



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Keeley Katana Mini Booster is a micro-sized volume booster with a maximum 35 db boost. There are dip switches inside the pedal which allow you to tailor the sound to your liking.

    Volume: Sets output volume level.
    Dip Switch 1 (inside the pedal): In the up position the high end will be rolled off. This is a useful feature with a Tele, Strat or an amp with bright sound in itself.
    Dip Switch 2 (inside the pedal): In the up position you will get the maximum amount of boost, which is 35 db when Volume is at 5 o'clock.
    • Power requirements: 2.1 mm 9 V DC centre negative. About 10 mA.
    • True bypass.
    • Made in USA.

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