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Keeley Gold Star Room Reverb

Keeley Electronics



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Keeley Gold Star Room Reverb gives you a compressed studio reverb sound inspired by Phil Spector's Wall of Sound in a pedal form. Works in a ducking fashion so it works together with what you are playing in a way that very few reverb pedals do. Three different reverb sounds which all have something unique to offer.
    Mode Switch: Chooses the reverb type. Options are: Compressed, Distorted and Flanged.
    Decay: Sets reverb lenght.
    Depth: In Compressed mode controls the compressor threshold. Range -50db - 0db. In Distorted mode sets predelay time. In Flanged mode sets flanger depth.
    Vinyl: In Compressed mode sets compression ratio, range 1:1 - 20:1. In Distorted mode sets the amount of gain. In Flanged mode chooses between two modulation types. At 7-12 o'clock you will get reverb with flanger, at 12-5 o'clock you will get reverb with vibrato.
    Mix: Sets the mix between the dry and the effected signal. 50/50 mix is at 12 o'clock. At 7 o'clock you will get 100% dry sound and at 5 o'clock you will get 100% wet.
    • Power requirements: 2.1mm 9 V DC centre negative. 65 mA.
    • True Bypass
    • Made in USA

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