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Keeley Dark Side V2

Keeley Electronics


Keeley Dark Side gives you the essential David Gilmour and Pink Floyd guitar sounds in one compact package. You can get the following sounds out of the Dark Side: Big Muff-style fuzz, Multi-head tape delay, Rotary/Leslie, Flanger, Univibe, Phaser.
    Level (Fuzz Side): Sets output volume level for fuzz.
    Fuzz: Controls the amount of gain on the fuzz side.
    Filter: Tone control for the fuzz side.
    Flat/Scoop/Full Switch: Three-position switch to choose the desired level of mid frequencies for the fuzz side.
    Effect selector: Chooses the desired effect type for the Mod side. Options are Flange/Rotary, Phase/U-Vibe, and Delay.
    Level (Mod Side): Volume control for delay/modulation.
    Blend/Tape Head: In Rotary mode 7 o'clock gives you Flanger sounds, 5 o'clock Leslie/Rotary sounds, at 12 o'clock an even mix of both. In Vibe mode at 7 o'clock you will find a Phaser sound, at 5 o'clock Univibe sounds, and at 12 o'clock an even mix of both. In Delay mode this control chooses the desired combination of four tape heads, giving you 12 options in total. The Delay in Dark Side simulates Binson Echorec which David Gilmour and other Pink Floyd members used for rhythmic delays.
    Depth/Time: In Rotary and Vibe modes this control sets modulation depth. In Delay mode, it sets delay length.
    Rate/FBack: In Rotary and Vibe modes this control sets modulation speed. In Delay mode, it sets the number of repeats. This control can also be controlled with an expression pedal. Connect the expression pedal to EXP input.
    Effect Order Switch: You can switch the order of fuzz and modulation/delay the other way around with the button located next to Input. This button can be found in all Dark Sides we have in stock.
    • Power requirements: 2.1 mm 9 V DC center negative. 75 mA.
    • True Bypass
    • Made in the USA
    • Measurements: 12 cm (width) x 9.5 cm (depth)

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